Code of Conduct

iWarranty Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct sets out certain standards which iWarranty Limited (“iWarranty”, “we”, “us” or “our”) expects all Repairers who use our Website, mobile app and the Service made available through it, to adhere to when using the mobile app and Service and dealing with consumer users.

This Code of Conduct forms part of and should be read in conjunction with our iWarranty Repairer Terms and Conditions, and any capitalised terms used in this Code of Conduct should be given the meaning given to those terms in the Terms of Use.

By registering with us and/ or using our Service, Repairers agree:

  • To provide us and Consumers users with an accurate description of their business, proprietor details, and the repair services that they offer;
  • To ensure Quotes communicated to Consumer Users are informative, accurate, comprehensive and that they are not misleading;
  • To ensure that they have the appropriate resources, equipment, and knowledge to carry out work for which they are providing Quotes;
  • To deliver a thorough, professional, customer-centric experience to Consumer Users at all times;
  • To ensure, where possible, all repaired and fitted parts and components are either new, unused or repaired, repurposed, or refurbished and of good quality and inform Consumer Users about the quality of the fitted parts;
  • To ensure any additional work that might be required, is not carried out without the prior authorization from the Consumer User;
  • To provide an itemised invoice and receipt to Consumer Users of all checks carried out and components and devices or appliances  parts fitted;
  • To ensure any disputes that arise with Consumer Users  are resolved in a fair and timely manner;
  • To report to iWarranty all new customers and new work that has resulted from Quotes submitted via the iWarranty app Service;
  • To ensure you protect and only use Consumer User  information supplied to you in a manner consistent with data protection laws and our i-Warranty Terms of Use for Consumers.

This Code of Conduct was last updated on 1 October 2021