Five tips for managing electronic waste!

5 Tips for Managing Electronic Waste: start your journey today to better manage your electronic waste and take a step towards protecting our planet!

We all have the situation where we throw away a smartphone or coffee maker because it seems easier to replace than repair. We’ve all opened a drawer to find heaps of old, discarded electronics. Not only does this cost money, but it contributes to the growing problem of electronic and appliance waste that, just like too many cars on the road and too much wasted energy from homes, contributes to climate change.

Here are five tips to help you turn-the-tide on climate change by organizing your electronics and home appliances.

1. Know what you have

Given the number of electronic devices we toss into drawers and cupboards, it is hard to understand what we have, where we have purchased it from, and its purchase receipts or warranty registrations to notify when they go out of warranty.  Yet, we have a whole range of new options opened up to us by using any of this information…   This is where we, iWarranty, step in to provide you with a great tool to consolidate and organize your devices, purchase information, and your warranty rights. At iWarranty, we provide you with convenience and peace of mind, so download the app from Apple Store / Google Play Store and start uploading your products; you will be surprised how many items you already have!

Now, instead of buying new devices and appliances, you can repair and reuse your existing devices and appliances.  The result: less waste and more money-saving. 

2. Repair, Reuse and Retain your products

  You can extend the life of products by taking care of the products you already own.  Manufacturers’ instructions on caring for your products can help you preserve their lifespan. Additionally, if repairs are needed, iWarranty enables you to use a product’s warranty to repair and reuse your items for as long as possible. You save money and help our environment.  

If your warranty has expired, iWarranty’s Green Repair Network will help you find affordable repairers for your products. We use artificial intelligence to match your product with a nearby repairer, helping you save both time and money. And if you can’t find your user manual for your product, iWarranty’s app has a service that finds your user manual.

3. Rehome (donate) or resell to those in need

One increasingly popular way to reduce e-waste is to rehome something you are not using.  Around the world, access to smartphones and computers is becoming essential for young and old to study from home or connect with their loved ones over Zoom. Rehoming an item gives a second life to an appliance or device.

During the recent lockdowns, iWarranty rehomed several laptops, mobile phones, toasters, and lawnmowers. When you download iWarranty, our app helps you rehome your appliances or electronics and get in touch

This holiday season,  bring a smile to someone in need by giving them your unused appliances or electronics. 

4. Recycle electronics and batteries

More and more, every major retailer and the brand store has in-store, online, and drop-off site recycling options, so you can recycle computers, mobile phones, batteries, TVs and many home appliances. Some merchants even allow you to trade your obsolete equipment for gift cards.

Before purchasing electronics, ask the store if it has a buyback program since most large retailers give that option to their customers. If your retailer does not have this option,  get in touch with the iWarranty team at

Our team will be able to provide you with many options for the free collection and safe disposal or rehoming of what you own.

5. Take a step towards environmentally friendly electronics and home appliances

It is hard to stop buying new gadgets, but before buying, do your research about the raw materials used to manufacture your mobile phone, dishwasher, laptop, or other appliances. Some raw materials are easy to recycle while others aren’t. Gadgets also contain many toxic materials. Based on what you learn, purchase the least toxic item and let your retailer know that you desire to see more items that will not harm the environment.   

Better yet, before buying,  ask yourself whether you really need it?  There are good alternatives, like upgrading the software or repairing your current laptop instead of buying a new one.  (See Tip 2)

So try these five tips and join us in being a smart consumer and become a member of the iWarranty family by downloading our app. 

It is the 21st century way to productively and proactively manage your household’s electronic and appliance waste.