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Unlock a new way of looking at your product warranties.  Get better insights into your customers and products and operate more profitably.

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Efficient, sustainable and affordable Product Lifecycle Management


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Leading Warranty Intelligence Software

  • Real-time product data tracking

    Monitor the status of registrations, claims, repairs and replacements in real time. Track your product's life cycle from the moment of purchase to its end-of-life, while ensuring your customer's warranty claims are smooth and stress-free.

  • Enhance after-sales experience

    Create the best-in-class post-purchase experience. Process claims faster and more efficiently than ever before. Identify your most committed customers and unlock additional revenue. Take advantage of the integrated repair network, post-purchase upgrades, and digital manuals and documentation.

  • Scales with your business

    A scalable platform that expands with your operations and grows with your business. Whether you are managing a small operation or a large enterprise, our system can be easily customised and configured to meet your unique requirements. 

  • Fraud prevention and detection

    Warranty fraud eats up 2% to 4% of a company’s revenue. Tackle fraudulent claims through our cutting-edge warranty management technology by verifying the authenticity of warranty claims, ensuring only legitimate claims are processed.

  • Embrace sustainability

    By leveraging iWarranty's digitized warranty management, simplified repair network, and product insights feature, you can increase the longevity of your products and improve customer satisfaction, all while contributing to the reduction of the 35 million tons of e-waste generated annually in the EU due to premature disposal of often-repairable goods.

Digital warranty registration

Instant QR code-enabled warranty registration for your consumers on our mobile app

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Warranty management

Integrated manufacturer, consumer, and repairer platform for accelerated warranty management

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Claims management and verification

Automated claim verification and management for rapid claim resolution

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Sustainable CRM

Enhanced after-sales experience for improved customer satisfaction

Have a look at what our CEO Dr Ruby Pillai has to say about the mission to extend the useful life of products

Dr Ruby Pillai

“iWarranty is helping combat one of the fastest growing and avoidable environmental challenges - e-waste - by extending the lifespan of products by connecting product owners, repairers and manufacturers to provide accessible and affordable repairs.”

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