Digital Warranty Registration

Instant and hassle-free digital product warranty registration
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Automated Warranty Registration
With our state-of-the-art automated warranty registration software, your customers can bid farewell to the hassle of manual warranty management. 
  • done_all Single-scan product registration
  • done_all Simplified access to warranty data
  • done_all Improved customer experience
  • done_all Point of sale integration
Integrated Consumer Application
Our cutting-edge warranty management software is seamlessly integrated with our mobile application, providing your customers with a platform to effortlessly register their products, file claims, and locate authorized repair centres. 
  • done_all Effortless product registration
  • done_all Simplified warranty control dashboard
  • done_all Automated data synchronisation
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Digital User Manuals
Go paperless with our warranty management software and reduce CO2 emissions associated with paper waste by over 98%. That's an average saving of 300g of CO2 emissions per product.
  • done_all Less paper waste
  • done_all Lower carbon emissions
  • done_all Reduced cost
Customer Communication Channel
Provide your customers with the convenience of instant and efficient communication through the integrated chat option, connecting them directly with your dedicated warranty management team.
  • done_all Instant communication
  • done_all Personalised and responsive support
  • done_all Saves time for everyone
Customer communication channel
Demographic Product and Customer Analytics
Demographic Product and Customer Analytics
iWarranty’s powerful demographic product and customer analytics provide you with a detailed understanding of your customer base and product popularity, assisting in making informed decisions about product improvement, marketing, and sales strategies.
  • done_all Improved customer base understanding
  • done_all Increased revenue
  • done_all Competitive advantage

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