Claims management

Simplify claim registration, validation, and resolution, while preventing fraud and gaining valuable insights
Digital claim registration
Digital claim registration
With iWarranty's integrated software and mobile app, registering a claim for a malfunctioning product has never been easier. Customers simply submit their claim, which is instantly verified and routed to your warranty management team's dashboard.
  • done_all Instant claim registration
  • done_all Automated claim verification
  • done_all Accelerated claim registration
Claim validation and processing
Save your warranty management team’s time and claims resolution costs through automated claim validation, speedy identification of the product issue, and immediate processing through the quick determination of the appropriate course of action.
  • done_all Faster claim processing
  • done_all Improved product claims accuracy
  • done_all Automated fraud detection
Claim validation and processing
Claims tracking
Claims tracking
With iWarranty, you can easily track the entire warranty claim process, starting from claim registration to claim resolution, including communication between the customer, your warranty management team, and the repairer.
  • done_all Improved Transparency
  • done_all Enhanced data analysis
  • done_all Increased efficiency
Claims data insight
iWarranty’s claims data insights feature generates real-time reports of claims registration trends, frequently occurring product issues and associated warranty costs. Leverage this data for enhancing product quality to increase longevity and performance.
  • done_all Enhanced understanding of claim trends
  • done_all Identification of common product faults
  • done_all Improved decision making
Claims data insight
Workflow optimisation
Workflow optimisation
Improve the overall efficiency of your claim management workflow through immediate and accurate AI-powered claim validation, identification of the appropriate course of action, and automated routing to the associated warranty management team or repairer.
  • done_all Reduced time and cost allocation
  • done_all More repairs, fewer replacements
  • done_all Increased customer retention
Fraud prevention
Fraudulent warranty claims account for 3 to 15% of the average company's warranty costs. Digitised claim management with iWarranty counters this issue, thanks to the automated claim verification facility.
  • done_all Reduce warranty costs
  • done_all Better risk management
  • done_all Improved claim management efficiency
Fraud prevention

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