Warranty management

The all-in-one solution for managing your warranties, claim processing and repairs
Warranty registration
iWarranty’s integrated software and mobile application simplify product registration. Simply upload products, and the system will automatically synchronise them with your customers' mobile application.
  • done_all No more paper based warranty documents
  • done_all Reduced manual work
  • done_all Improved warranty tracking
Warranty administration
Our comprehensive warranty management solution employs advanced verification processes to verify the validity of warranty claims, which are then matched with the relevant warranty management team or authorized repairer.
  • done_all Fraud prevention
  • done_all Improved employee efficiency
  • done_all Accurate warranty claims resolution
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Warranty intelligence
The real-time warranty analytics feature provides valuable insights into customer demographics, registration trends, product faults and warranty fulfilment costs, assisting in product development and unlocking hidden revenue.
  • done_all Increased customer base understanding
  • done_all Identification of improvement areas
  • done_all Better data insight
Product warranty terms and conditions
Enhance your customers’ understanding and satisfaction through iWarranty’s easy-to-comprehend product warranty terms and conditions feature, ensuring they are fully aware of their warranty rights and benefits.
  • done_all Jargon-free product warranty explanation
  • done_all Improved customer satisfaction
  • done_all Increased transparency
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Warranty fulfilment
iWarranty unites manufacturers, repairers, and customers on a single platform to achieve a smooth warranty fulfilment cycle. Customers can use the mobile app to connect with the warranty team and authorized repairers for easy product repair and replacement.
  • done_all Effective and efficient communication
  • done_all Accelerated warranty resolution
  • done_all Improved customer loyalty
Warranty marketing
Warranties are a powerful way to demonstrate your confidence in the quality of your products. Without offering a protection plan, you may miss out on up to 40% of potential customers who consider warranty coverage as an important factor in their purchasing decisions.
  • done_all Showcases confidence in the product
  • done_all Effective marketing
  • done_all Increased conversion
Warranty marketing

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